Which Way am I going? Entry and Exit Bureau…

ExitandEntrybureauBureau of Coming and Going…

Just spent a rainy afternoon at the Entry and Exit Bureau in Shanghai(yes that is what this huge building is called).  This building is for all foreigners to register with the police to gain the Residency VISA. The place is super busy with people and police all over the place.  They asked my interpreter a few questions which he answered for me-which I think he did well because the officer smiled at me.

At the end of the meeting, we had to provide copies of my residency registration, 400 RMBs, my photo, working paper application and finally I had to surrender my passport.  Since, I am planning to attend a meeting in Beijing this weekend it could be an issue so the travel colleagues are working on this…they think it will be okay.  Yikes-this blog may be coming to you from another location next week.

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  1. Sandy
    Sep 17, 2015

    Wow -took your passport…they mean business. I’d be interested to see how your work colleagues explain this.

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