Day Three – Hitting My Stride…

Good DinnerToday I found a vegetarian restaurant. They even have vegan foods. I am eating a vegan detox salad for lunch-yum. My chopsticks skills still need perfecting.   Now I feel like I am hitting my stride here in Shanghai.

I went with my Realtor Luddy to look at 4 apartments. I liked 2 out of the 4 places. Luddy is going to work on the packages for me.

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Day Two – In the Office

Room with a View

Shanghai from my room

I had a nice first day with a warm welcome lunch from the team.

Today is my second day and  it is nice to see the sun shining  with the sky having a slight blue tint.  Working on finding living arrangements to comply with my 5 working days since applying for the work VISA.



Temp Office Surroundings

New Offices are under Construction. This is a view from my Office.

Also, here is a picture of my new office surroundings-this is the temporary space while they are remodeling the Wyeth Offices.

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Day One at the Portman Ritz in Shanghai


Day 1 in Shanghai

Luggage Stack

Just a few pieces of Luggage

I arrived yesterday with all of my baggage in tow. So happy everything arrived safely. See picture attached. Thank heaven for Pilates so that I could stack all of my bags.

I took a walk trying to reset my circadian rhythm and noticed that I saw 4 Starbucks during my walk but only one nail salon.

Bear, Not Dog

This is a Bear Breed…

I also saw this cute little bear breed dog. I could easily sneak this little cutey into the hotel with me-look at that little dog. I am thinking of bringing Lilo with me in the Spring-but she will need to diet to fit on the plane.

Today I had the physical.
It took about 90 minutes-I am not sure if I am super impressed by the workings of the Chinese government or freaked out. The place was wall to wall people but my escort Tim, told me today was a slow day because of the holiday. In 90 minutes, I met with the Chinese official to file my paperwork in order to receive my work VISA. The physical was interesting and freaky- we had to cover our shoes with plastic shoe bags and then change into a ‘one size fits all’ robe which did not fit the European men going through the process-embarrassing for all. I had my measurements taken(I am so on a diet), eyes checked, an EKG, a chest X-ray, blood taken, and an ultrasound of my lungs-for less than $100 USD. All of those medical exams would have been more than $1000 USD at home.

The thing that freaked me out was

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Thank you for your Comments… Keep them Coming

I want to thank everyone for their comments. It makes me feel not so far away…keep the comments coming and I will send the moon cakes
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At the Airport

Good Morning and Happy B-day to my sister!

Lynn's Breakfast

Last meal in US for a while.

I had 4 bags to check-an extra $200.00! Went to the lounge and had my favorite B-fast oatmeal and berries with green tea.  My flights seems to be on time.  I am decked out in my OSU t-shirt.  I need some help to rotate the pictures-my skills are limited today.

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Trying to Pack

I leave in 2 days and have pulled all of the clothes I want to take to Shanghai with me.  David had to buy more suitcases-thank goodness for Amazon Prime.

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Welcome to my Travel Dialogue

Welcome to my Travel Dialogue

To All My Friends and Family,

While I get ready to move to China, and transition to my new position, I am excited about all the possiblities of this far away land.  What I hope to share are my experiences that lay ahead as I move to Shanghai and become the first Wyeth Nutrition American in China.

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