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Lynn Rosen – (Luo Lin)


Its 2015 and I am in Shanghai, China for 8 Months

Lynn Rosen

Lynn Rosen

I am Lynn Rosen, I am a Global Brand Director and Medical Marketing Lead at Nestle in the Wyeth Nutrition Business.  My newest assignment is taking me to China to work on a high priority initiative in our Business Unit’s largest market.

As I chronicle this transition and my adventures, I will share my thoughts, observations, pictures, and personal interactions.  I welcome everyone’s feedback and support on this new journey.

I have travelled the world for nearly half of my time in the last 5+ years, initially at Pfizer and now at a division of Nestle.  I was recruited into the company to leverage my marketing, sales and science background in pharmaceuticals and other industrial business experience.

Luo Lin

Is my Chinese Name, Pronounced Luo Lin.  The term, I am told means either Beautiful Jade, or Jade Forest.  So, in the spirit of things, the theme is using the standard jade color of green throughout my blog.

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Reach me at                          Lynn.Rosen@luolinworld.com