Week One Summary – Friday

Pedestrians Do Not Have the Right of Way…

shanghai_trafficAs I close on the first week of this adventure, I have learned a lot and have a lot more to learn.  The culture is very different and fascinating.

In my previous trips to China, I found crossing the street to be a life threatening event.  I decided to ask my colleagues why drivers don’t stop for people in the cross walks.  The answer is that in China,  pedestrians  do not have the right of way

When crossing the streets in Shanghai, the cars and busses turning into you(yes they do) assume that you will get out of the way.   The drivers in my office told me that no one stops.  They all believe, due to the magnitude of the people on the streets, that if they let the pedestrians go in front of their cars or trucks, that they never be able to start driving again.  Lesson learned.

Along my trip coming from my hotel to the Office, I have seen many beautiful and interesting Shanghai fashions.  My walk takes me through the equivalent of 5th Avenue.  Shanghai is the heart of fashion and cosmopolitan living in China, just like New York City in the US.

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