BirthDays in Shanghai

Birthdays are a big thing in the office with cakes and other treats including gifts.

Two Traditional Chinese Sweets

Two Traditional Chinese Sweets

In the First picture, there are 2 traditional Chinese sweets for celebration. The first is a noodle filled with whipped cream and a peach which is surprisingly good. The second is a mango sorbet with mangoes and tapioca.




Today is David Zhang’s Birthday (My Boss and CMO).

Western Style Cake

Western Style Cake

David prefers a western or egg cake for his birthday. I love chocolate so I am in. I wished David happy Birthday in Mandarin which I totally slaughtered-1 class what can I say. It made everyone laugh. So things at work are okay.


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  1. Michele
    Sep 29, 2015

    Awesome entries!! Keep the news coming!!

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