Touring Shanghai – Part 3

Visits to Traditional Shanghai

1 — A traditional music ceremony for the holiday.
2 — Comfy Furniture I dont Think So
3 — A visit to the Confucius Temple.. Seeking Knowledge
4 and 5 — The French Concession – No tour of Shanghai would be complete without a tour of the French Concession. There was even a rock group from Mongolia playing at the band shell.

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Touring Shanghai – Part 2

The Chinese Memorial commemorates 3 major wars in China.

The Russian Embassy is an interesting Building. I wonder if Putin is on the phone?

I am in Heaven.. They have Dairy Queen here…

On the way to the Yu Yuan Garden. The Crowds were amazing. I even took a selfie with my new Selfie Stick.. J

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Today I went on a tour of Shanghai

IMG_0234 IMG_0235 IMG_0239 Today I went on a tour of Shanghai

It is a National Holiday in Shanghai.  The crowds are unbelievable and the weather is great. The tour began at the bund.  The Pearl Tower is such an interesting Structure.  Great Picture of the Bund.

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